Monday, July 30, 2007

I don't heart NYC

This little Warminster, Pennsylvania girl just can't wrap her arms around the love of NYC. I like hong kong but can't seem to get a grip on NYC, go figure. I stayed in Koreatown by times square. Its busy, too many people and i'm not a fan of public transit....I went out for 5 hours on Friday and was exhausted. I had lost luggage and delayed flights galore and some folks didn't get in til an hour before the wedding because of the wonderful air transit world.
We went to the cooper hewitt museum which was really cool. They had a display on which is sooo me. The displays were art in everyday life...your ipod commecials, target medicine packaging, landscape architecture, interior design etc. Very me. When I go to art museums i'm more interested in artifacts than "art." Ya know, dead white guys in gold frames.
The wedding was fine. Parts were a bit cheeze for me and as a member of the reject table near the exit with the photographers I missed out on a lot cause i was so darn far away. I met a girl who i enjoyed my time with so that was cool. I did get to dance my patooty off and i'm pretty sure everyone saw my panties when Boo spun me during dancing time. They were black and covered my behind so I'm cool.... They've probably never seen a hiney so big since most girls were a size 3. The Asian nation (korean-chinese wedding) there were teenie tiny girls
Their vows were simple and the line I clung to (when I could hear) was "When I say I love you it means I believe in you, I have faith in you." So true to my current situations with the boy. When I tell him I love him I'm telling him he can do it. He can find what he needs in life. I still hold onto the hope of him pursuing animation and farming being part of outside of work life where does gardening become farming is a question but I think my hope is a pipe dream. To see him at the cooper hewitt musuem where there were animation toys were on display I saw that spark is still in him somewhere. I wish he could find the strength inside to try animating on his own without school...even if its not a career he did like doing it....
Anyway onto farming. Kara is so in charge of my garden from now on. 4 zuchs, squash and green beans... She probably did nothing but it worked :P I have a ton of weeding and work to do but that's alright, its fun exercise as long as I have the right bug spray.

This has been a really a boring description of my trip so here is a list of parts/highlights of the trip
1. Crazy woman at CVS cursing cause they had no egg salad...CVS, egg salad...ew...
2. Rage against the machine concert letting out the same time as we went home from the wedding...nothing like 6 tourists in suits and 30 rage against the machine fans on the subway.
3. Getting my luggage on Friday...arriving on Thursday
4. Creepy guy complimenting my mary jane chucks when i toured the city alone...
5. Boys without cameras and phones.... both of mine died from unexpected usage.
6. Displays about being Green and world conscious at the museum. Very interesting.
7. English...most orders i got were wrong because folks didn't speak english.. at a bagel place you don't expect it.. I ordered pumpernickel I got poppy. I order a dirty vodka martini at a bar, i get a glass of vodka.
8. 3 days of Korean food...yum
9. Finished harry potter
10. Haven't slept since i'm a force to be reckoned with... got in too late for Lunesta...


Blogger nicole said...

I'd never heard of that museum but it sounds very cool. I think that art in everyday life is more interesting than a lot of the museum stuff too. Sorry that you had some rough traveling -- that is definitely no fun.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous cybrpunk said...

So you've been to Hong Kong? Where at? I like Manhattan well enough but I don't think I could live there. Even though HK is more expensive now.

I had no idea Rage was back together?!

At least your vodka probably came in a dirty glass. Should be some consolation!

8:34 PM  
Blogger Shoes said...

I know nothing of Rage but grimy 20 something year olds and skanky jersey strippers appear to know better.
Boo's family lives in Kowloon Bay. So thats where I stayed but of course visited around there. Obviously its less busy than alot of hong kong with the spacious university but even being in a busy part of the city was fine for me. We also spent time being tourists in Bejing. I could eat noodle soup for breakfast daily... or hoards of dumplings.

9:13 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

What a crazy weekend! How did you keep your cool? Hey, did you knit at the wedding? :)

10:07 PM  

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