Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can't sleep.

Is it cause I'm reflecting on my super great office review. No.
Is it cause I started reading harry potter. No.
Is it cause I said goodbye to my movie buddy today. No.
Is it about my upcoming trip to NYC..no
Its cause I had a disagreement with a coworker and of course didn't say things I wish I had. I keep trying to replay how i can get things through to him and not start a fight and i can't come up with it without being condescending. He doesn't take the positive, happy "cause i said so route" from me. ( he also doesn't see me as an authority figure when he should) I know the boss is going to talk with him about this but in the mean time its coming up again. I sound so management like but he needs to realize his work isn't about him, its about the company and its got to match others coworkers work and be easy for others to edit because who knows what future has in store. You can be at a meeting, at lunch etc and other people mess with your files. Cause they aren't yours. I got this whole wasting billable fee learning bit which needs to get out of these kids heads. We have few of them at work. Ya know, kids, a few years younger then me. They need to not worry about all time being billable cause non bill able is important too. If they'd put out more effort, figure stuff out for themselves instead of giving up and asking me and learn it then in the future they'd be faster and more productive. And besides, when I see them screwing around for hours and hours and asking others for work to do they could learn the software they need to then. Problem is they don't figure things out independently and branch the testing a software program world over to the applicable job use. All the bit was told was excuses. Its not a priority to him and it needs to be and if me saying it should be doesn't get it through then the bosses will take care of it.. but in the mean time I'm not asleep.
I need a glass of water.... completely unrelated.


Anonymous Brown said...

This post hurt my eyes.

Anyway, people are idiots. Once I accepted that fact, my stress level dropped quite a bit.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Shoes said...

They are idiots but their idiocy creeps over and affects me...
At least I didn't post about my coding issues today... then i'd be a total nerd...oh wait....
and after i posted, i totally could fall asleep...cheap therapy :)

9:32 AM  

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