Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ethel Merman what should I do?

Well, after listening to some kanye, Nellie Mckay (title reference) and some Outhere Brothers', "Boom Boom Boom" music that sends me back to every cheerleader scene of history, I have finish my 3rd day of running. I barely ran any distance compared to my past of the slowest steady running in XC history aside from the girl with asthma. I could run forever but never fast. Thats how i picked folks off in meets. They'd start fast and then slow down, i stayed at an even steady slow and would finish in the middle. My first year I was in the top 5 of our team but alas we must have just had not as good of a team, and i hurt myself rollerskating sophomore year. Anywho, back to current running. The last 3 days I slapped the sports bra on top of my work bra, today, just the sport. Dude, not again. I want to be strapped down and if it weren't for the glue I'd duct tape the whole chest. I forgot how bra-dom was a problem in XC, hell my mom even talked to the coach about it. I need doubling. Back then I wasn't built like a 14 year old boy, i was a 36 C freshman year. Now, I'm even bigger and taller not that you care, but pale in comparison to all my well endowed knitting friends. Seriously, you want boobs come to knitting and I'm not just talking large girls with large boobs. Its pure craziness. As a friend once said, my large chested friends "makes a man want to knit"
So, gotta remember, double up your double mint gals or suffer the unnecessary chest pains of boobage.


Anonymous Jenn said...


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Blogger Shannon said...

I won't run without my enell bra. Ever. Never ever. Best $50 invested in my lifetime. I just can't exercise without it.

4:51 PM  

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