Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nearly Killed Him

I had a date last night with Boo, we had bake potato dinner and then a movie, Underworld 3, the non-blond version. On the way home I nearly ran over a dumb ass grey cat in my driveway. Growing up I wanted a grey cat more than anything. That was my choice of pet. Now I hate changing litter more than I hate my sibling. Seriously, hate owning cats for that pure reason. Once the stupid fearless grey cat moved to the next house Boo decided that he is our cat's boyfriend and his name is Dusty... and that we should have a grey cat named Dusty since he can't have a grey dog (Weimaraner) so that we can have Dusty and Mildew. We aren't getting a cat but I was amused none the less. Frankly i think we have enough dust we could make a pet out of it.. but thats just me.
I had a few bad nights sleeping recently... Mildew however is thrilled to see me about in the middle of the night. I know now why an old friend had a cat named Whiney...this cat does not shut up...she wants love sooo badly yet won't sit still for it. Bitch, if you want the love and the petting, sit still and shut up... or something like that....


Blogger maitai said...

rectum?! damn near killed him!

i'm 12.

i so want to watch underworld. what'd you think? also, mildew and dusty and the funniest pet names ever. why can't boo have a gray dog?

1:45 PM  

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