Friday, February 27, 2009

Get er done...

Okay dude, this weekend, thank-you card bonanza. I officially feel like doodoo for not getting them done... I even worked on them today at lunch and will take the cards and list with me to hair appt tomorrow. Then if Boo is lame and doesn't do his part thats his fault.. I can't write chinese so I'm in the clear.
Funny how I try to get so much done and neglect the important things like being grateful... On that note I decided for Obama's volunteer day to learn to crochet and make pet beds for donation. I had to work so I obviously didn't volunteer but we do what we can in our own way. Well here it is a month later and I have my first bed and I'm halfway done my second. Learning curve add some time on but I am damn pleased and its great for stash busting.

I've also been on a quest to warm my head. A) cause its cold B) i can't go to the dog park when I'm this cold which then effects the pups who need to run. I made this awesome alpaca hat that cost me more than any hat I've made before and its itching me. I still need to wash it so I hope that helps.

I've also been working on stem research, see as this single dog pops into two dogs in a ski hat. Viola!

Continuing with the hope to heat my head I used left over yarn from my Chuppah to make a beret. I know, I know, its not raspberry but lets face it, if you know me, you know i want to wear soooo much more.
It was on my list of things to try but I had a hard time finding a pattern for my bulky yarn. I did the sunflower tam by Norah Gaughan and edited some. This also taught me how to do twists which i hadn't done before. I got gauge wrong or something and had to crochet elastic into the band so I could wear it... Viola, I iz cute.

Riley is cuter. :)


Anonymous Courtney said...

I LOVE your dogs (and the hats). Too cute!

2:48 PM  
Blogger wheelinsticks said...

That turned out great. The elastic made a world of difference. Nice job!

6:51 AM  

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