Monday, February 16, 2009

Go away!

I do my best housework when alone. I have off presidents day and this place is looking spotless. I've got yarn dying on the stove, laundry in the dryer and I may actually be considering a shower at this point.
Today I've:
Dusted living room,
Vacuumed, also vacuumed curtains free of cat hair
Washed sheets and blankets
Washed two load of dark clothes
Sanded my towel chest unit so i can paint it
Knit an inch of ribbed tam
skeined up yarn for dying or yarn for selling
Got my oil changed
had two size 4 cups of coffee
Washed dishes, pots and the counter
Organized clothes closet
I realize this is oh so very manic but I do all this best when alone which is close to never. I'm usually the gal who does chores during my lunch break cause that's when I'm alone but this was fun with tv in the background and knowing I've already relaxed, gotten over disease and still have time to play later today. Someone needs to take Boo out on the weekends so I can do this more often he is on the couch watch umpteen soccer games every weekend, dude we have dvr, don't get up at the buttcrack of dawn on your days off. And really, watching 6 games a weekend on laptops and tvs is a bit excessive. Anywho, the home is clean. I should do kitty litter but i hate that chore more than any other chore in this house. Off to dye some more and continue my day of me.. or my home i guess.


Blogger kathy said...

I'm so impressed! Oh, and I changed my cat litter today. :)

4:56 PM  
Blogger wheelinsticks said...

Yeah for days for yourself! Truly you need those. I wasn't alone, but I sure made the weekend about relaxation!

6:56 PM  

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