Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm not a dr, I just play one on tv.

I'm a bit sick and twisted... I'm not sure my call in life, or I just don't have it in me to get the education for my call in life whatever that may be. Yet, last night I, the unpierced freak gave an injection to Coconut. I enjoyed it.. I know, fucked up isn't it? When I worked at the vet I was always the receptionist. The receptionist who was as smart as the drs but had chosen a "creative" education in the arts where I also didn't fit in so well. I couldn't do anything tech like but boy did I want to. Last night I finally got to and got through a fear of mine, needles. Iguana skin isn't quite like human or canine so perhaps it wasn't the same but I enjoyed it non the less. The only really tech thing I ever did at the vet was help a dog give birth on a night shift. I'm not one for breeding dogs but it was still cool holding the newly born yorkie pup.
I like to heal things, make things grow. Rescue work and gardening is the way to go for me when i have the time. When you really love animals being in a vet type position isn't just the love part. There are so many idiots you run into, so many euthanasias etc. No thanks, not the track for me.


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