Saturday, December 05, 2009


I bitch and moan about my concerns for adoption at knitting a lot. But alas, I haven't felt resolved yet. I understand the long wait, I understand all the work. I have heard through the grapevine my depression will not effect the application to China if I have a dr's note but I want to hear it straight from the agency. I also need to stop worrying about this now. We have to move before we even start the process but this issue weighs on me heavily. We received our packet this week. The application process is not quick so why not start reviewing it. There are so many big steps before send off our application but I can't help but harp on this one detail. I think the pregnancy of a coworker has brought the child issues up. I had hoped it wouldn't but alas it has. Although with a 3-5 year wait after the application and all that goes with it does make it difference. I'm not looking for having a child now but in a few years, yes, it might be time. I am also waiting on Boo to get the motivation for all this. Perhaps I should harp like i do for other things in the past but for this I do not want to take that route. He knows I'm waiting on his motivation for moving and really that is our first step for this process.


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