Sunday, August 02, 2009

Old Lady Crap

So about 4 years ago i was pulling ivy before I attended a work christmas party and hurt my left shoulder. Still hurts. I find myself having pressure building up unless I pop it which then also give it pain. I sorta feel like if i can stop popping it for a long time (which is harder than hell) it feels better. Problem is i can raise my arm a certain way and it might pop on its own. I've recently discovered raising that arm to drive is what really sets it off... Or as I just discovered rolling over and sleeping on that side will wake me up with the feeling of good lord my shoulder has literally been set on fire. Not sure what to do about. Regular people ask their friend and family. My mother asks me regularly if I've any signs of arthritis, like I'll join her group happily. She got it at 30. I honestly don't think she is relieved that i say no. Some families share hobbies, mine wants to share sicknesses. I think I should just stop raising it to drive which I'm sure I probably did last night when I went to derby. I have the G-d Help Us Plan for insurance and no primary doctor which is bad enough as it is. Seems stupid to me to go to a regular dr for shoulder pain to get recommended to go somewhere else but i guess that is what insurance does. As I type this my arm is on fire and I reallly want to pop the shoulder to relieve the pressure but I know that isn't the way..


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