Tuesday, August 04, 2009

pop pop, click click

So tomorrow i get to further explore my fear of needles by getting a contrast mri for my shoulder. I told coworker cause i was going to be late for our meeting and she said she heard they hurt and you feel the dye. Not so at all but thanks for that vote of confidence...anyway xrays were not definitive enough. My options of problems are labrum tear which would account for popping, rotator cuff issues (which could account for need to pop things in place but they don't stay relieved for more than a few seconds on the whole), and weird boneness and irritated tissue.. My shoulder instead of being rounded has a hook in it that may be clicking and irritating tissue between my bones. Sort of a this tissue is hurt, now you bend your arm, now tissue is hurt more, rinse and repeat. No mention been made of anything to hope for or what paths we'd take but MRI is tomorrow and appt is on Friday. Reading up, i'm guessing labrum tear or injury but who knows....maybe there are little trolls in there having a party and beating the place up.
I ignore many aches and pains that are just stuff I've always had and probably also related to crappo scoliosis posture and superb klutziness but now that I'm paying attention to the shoulder I am also noticing the aches but am not sure if they are related to the shoulder injury or not. I'm only concerned with the shoulder...anything else is just active me. I know of at least two other parts of my body that are rotated a little off structurally so that it give me discomfort, no reason the shoulder can't be one too. It would make sense. Anywho...we shall see... it all started with yard clean up in the winter and pulling ivy... home ownership, its dangerous yo.


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Yeah homeowner thing can cause lots of different injuries. Hopefully, all will go well and quick recovery of whatever the treatment is.

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