Friday, August 07, 2009

In my best jewish lady voice

eh whats a little bursitis..
Okay I'm back and have results (see below pics)... I have tendon stress/inflammation and some fluid build up/bursitis. I also have a hook shoulder bone which could be also effecting it but we are going to treat the other issues with drugs (pretty much 1000 mg of aleve a day) and therapy.. If that doesn't work i have to decide if surgery is something i want where they'll go in there and shave off some bone.. fun! It sounds at the moment like physical therapy may be the answer (fingers crossed!) and that they didn't find any tears etc which would have been bad.. we knew about the bone before the mri. I need to however, stop compensating with my neck and weird shoulder positioning....its killing me...He said he has nothing to do with mom's problems so no worries about that.. I haven't told my mom a peep cause i don't want the award of joining the pain party... yet, there is also the side of me that just wants to tell her cause we tell our parents stuff but alas, she would make a big deal of it and every family member/friend would hear about it as if I flew to the moon and cured cancer...and we can't talk about stuff with real content or conceptual discussion. Its more we can talk at each other about stuff we have done or problems she has.


Anonymous Brown said...

Didn't seem like a torn rotator to me, I did that back in high school and had pain shooting down to my elbow.

Definitely stop compensating! I've got three physical therapists in the family and they all say that kind of thing can be worse than the original injury!

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

2:27 PM  

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