Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey look at me, its 1 am

So apparently the only way this 29 year old can stay up this late is to sleep til 4... okay I didn't really sleep to 4. I was up from like 10:30-2. But then the headache and sinus sent me off to bed for some sexy open mouth, drooling, no breathing through the nose action.
Eventually this evening i could do more than stare into space or at the tv. I finished my sheep and wool hat but there is end weaving to be done. I have a little project that i just need to sit my butt down and do. Its like going to the post office. I needed to go, dreaded it and today went and was easy as pie and the weather was even pretty nice for the walk. I love being in walking distance to the post office. Speaking of dreading I need to renew my license plates and all that is involved. Thats another thing I should get it over with and not procrastinate. The DMV by my work isn't bad, its just needing to coordinate the inspection/needed oil change. I hate how they always give you that, you should get this done. Dude, last month and the month before I had the "you should get this done" bit for my body and that cost a nice 1000 bucks before it was all said and done with. I'd like to do some "you should get this done" for my house. I want some better lighting in the living room. Like not the 8 buck target lamps by the dozen. I want some recessed or track.... probably recessed. Now to find "a guy" cause this is one home repair project I"m not touching with a ten foot pole.


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