Monday, October 08, 2007

Awesome like a hotdog

Birthday party was on Saturday and Birthday on Sunday. I bridged the two days by doing a 10 pm to 2 am tour of haunted Alton. I know, your first question...did you see anything. Unless 50 flashes were going off no.. I wish I had but I apparently felt nothing anyone else did or saw anything. I did take a good ghostly pic of shanon, does that count? It was a beautiful night and the places were neat so I enjoyed myself nontheless. And, we had ice cream cake... It was awesome...

We started the night with so much swag I could having a knitting store..

The list is as follows:

Two size 2 addis for circular knitting from Pat

A bottle of Lambic from Justin

Fart Humor from Shanon and Brent

A hand made sock bag from kara

Purple Tencel Yarn dyed just for me from Kara

Claudia's handpaints in an awesome color from kara

Bittersweet Lorna's Laces from Kathy

Sheep Stationary products from Kathy

Monster themed bag from kathy for socks

Halloween Knitting bag and candy corn stitch markers from Kim

Two very awesome yarns from Boo.. including a color just like Bittersweet that will be made into a hat.

Awesome cookies from Shannon

Seriously folks, I haven't gotten this much stuff since my Bat Mitzvah and I officially can't turn back from knitting now. I've got yarn to last me through next year. I also got a ton of email birthday wishes.. Shoes is getting popular. Thanks to all who wished me a good 29th.
The tour was interesting but I didn't see or feel anything.. I did see a bat which was all sorts of adorable. I even managed to stay up past 2... Thats freaking amazing for me.
So the next day, my birthday we woke up at decent hour and went to Ihop. Then it was off to knitting with the girls. Later after a nap of the dead Boo and I went to sushi and spent the night snuggling...Its been just like old times with him this visit. Right around 9:30 my throat started to hurt and I've felt like crap since. Hopefully its just a quick bug and not some flu or junk from staying out late and being all youthful like :)


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It was fun. Yeah I feel kinda yucky me self

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