Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Passover yal

I'm off to PA in the morning. I come back Friday. Take the special dog to a specialist. Saturday run agility with the super dog. Sunday, sleep, and make a turkey. Special dog disappointed me greatly this week with an accident. I thought we were past that... guess not. I'm sorta holding a grudge right now so he better give me lots of love tonight.. Doubtful, he'll probably give me lots of barking as I finished cleaning for Passover.
I love my igs, love my moms but I gotta say, I hate the lack of furry animals in PA. It effects me. Seriously. Going home is hard enough, seeing our aging parents who were once awesome in our eyes messes with our heads. But the animals distract me and give me comfort, even those that are not mine. You've read my blogs. I got nuts in PA. I fear becoming my mother. I find out things like I super jew with a dose of guilt goodness and find out my mother doesn't believe in a diety.. wtf... Family gets smaller and smaller and its saddening. I love STL, its for good but i have come to the point that I wish mom and dad were a few hours drive so that when we do see each other its just for a few hours and I don't have to go back to a house half stuck in 1972 and half stuck in 1986 and completely stuck in clutter and repair needs.
I'm not leaving here so I need to come to peace. Perhaps I should read "I know this much is true" again... it made me expect a whole lot less out of my dad who wasn't giving what i wanted to start with and be okay with it.


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