Sunday, August 03, 2008

random pieces of info

The weekend I'm learning to crochet. I'm doing okay thus far. I have july duty on Monday and you can't bring knitting needles there. Plus the crocheting is for charity work. Mr. Duane is in town as well as Ann and Brenda who talks a lot more on the internet. Lots of laughing going on and way too much food consumption. My addition to the party was homegrown cucumber and cherry tomatoes with a sesame oil, balsimic vinegar and brown sugar sauce.

Its been damn hot and buggy in the STL and my garden needs help. I have a ton of weeds to pick/pull and with recent storms tomatoes plants need more strength to keep them up. I've got a steady pile of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and beans. Although my large bean plant hasn't done squat. Its beautiful and i see flowers but never the beans and I had grand hopes of canning beans. Self sustenance really rocks in my boat.

I have a few empty spots that after talking with Brent I'm considering fall planting. I have a zucchini plant in a pot but i fear if i transplant it death would go with it.

According to space i have i could. a) plant more bush beans I need to learn to make large gardens of green beans cause i want to can them also....b) More attempts on Zucchini c) beets d) research potatoes...

Wedding stuff is in full swing. I'm currently hunting for teal glass like the below pic.. I think i need to hit up some fleamarkets/yard sales which isn't really my strong spot... I guess I can try...especially knowing what i'm looking for.


Anonymous Courtney Watson said...

I LOVE the glass and the flowers! So pretty!!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Marcia said...

ooooooh I am such a bad friend :( I promised to teach you to crochet and never did. bad me. :(

you can go thru either 1 loop or two... one will end up giving you a ridge, two will be a smoother piece. if you go thru 1 loop, i think it's usually the back one.

4:14 PM  

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