Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP sweet cauliflower, rest in peace.

The garden should be filling me with lovingness and grace but alas i hate the mother fucking bunnies. I looked a picture of June last year and my bean plants where starting to take over. Alas they have failed now in three places and the reason is brown furry and a bastard.
Anywho, image heavy post and a happy ending, I swear.
Planters Before:

Planters now. Its a lot of squash action. I see little babies popping up but half fall off, at some point i may be throwing yellow squash and pumpkins at you.. you just wait.

Before Field of death

Current field of death.. The back wall should be fill with bean plants. I have a few more attempts planned with wonderful purchases of wild animal pee and fencing... The weeds grow in weekly so its hard to keep it fenced off, i need to pull those weed ya know.

Tomato plants are flourishing all over the yard. What is supposed to be cherry tomatoes are looking like golf tomatoes. I figure as long as they are waters well during our trip we'll return to a heaven of tomatoes.

I'm also getting in zuchs which were not successful last year so for that I should be happy and grateful. I have 3 other plants, only one looks like it may be fruitful at some point.

My sweet potatoes are planted in all my gardens but this one is finally taking off. I need to add more soil but its been a tad bit hot and buggy out.

The peppers are starting to take shape have tiny flowers on them.

The cucs are taking off... again, pending good watering i hope to come home to some massive cucs.

Alas my potatoes are having issues. They have some fungus amongus. This one isn't so bad....

Alas there have been some deaths. My cauliflower, graced upon me by friend B has rotted to the core. I removed it and found a nice family of slugs.. come on, baby slug is a little bit cute.

Beans, or pretending to be bean plants.

I also tried peas, edamame and beans here.. Do i need to repeat myself about the bunnies.

More tomatos

The best part is my fig tree. The tree needs a new pot. I have a gift certificate to bowood farms but i keep forgetting to go. I want to spoil myself and really get a nice piece of pottery but haven't so yet so i took my twig and root and put it in these teeny tiny pot. I knew I wanted to buy a fruit tree but I heard that it would just be decorative and bear no fruit. Bitches, please, I have a mother fucking fig....and it makes me a little ghetto. It should really make me more white trash cause its reminds me of car nuts. If you don't know what it is, google it....


Blogger Rachel said...

I'm envious of the space you have to garden. Do those big black planters have bottoms on them? Do you think something like that would be balcony friendly? I hear fox pee works well for the bunnies.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Oooh, I wish I could have a garden. But you saw my Bumpass hound and the damage she did to my yarn, so you can imagine what she'd do to a garden. Although we did have tomatoes last year and she left them alone... Probably didn't know they were food.

Thanks for stopping by!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I've been TRYING to enjoy some cauliflower (purchased from a grocery store, because I don't have a place to garden and really, I wouldn't even know where to begin) but DUDE, I have to keep checking for slugs.

That photo is intense!

3:09 PM  

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