Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Me and Sangria, maybe not the best combo

Year one of my home, after passover I make sangria, it sits for four weeks to be consumed on Memorial Day. (That was the recipes directions.) It was great and I enjoyed it and added to it all summer.
Year two. I try to make sangria, break bottle on front steps before I even get to prepare it, needs to be replaced obviously.
Year 3 I take crate and barrel glass pitcher out of refrigerator and the bottom breaks off... liquor and glass everywhere.
Year 4 (this year), I don't make sangria after Passover... after work stress and such I decide to a) make it b) not let it sit and ferment for a month. This year, I make it in plastic tea container with the little tap spout. It proceeds to leak into my veggie drawer. Not sure if its the spout or if it got knocked when the door shut on the fridge. Now its in a plastic tea/juice pitcher... Its soo classy. Not sure how it will taste as I tried other dark wine i had in the house instead of being patient and repurchasing another bottle of light crappo wine which is way more my taste.


Blogger mr. magoo said...

sangria is trying to tell you something: don't drink me.

4:09 PM  

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