Friday, June 19, 2009

High on cocaine, feeling no pain

thats a complete lie. I am so in pain, chest pain.. its okay, no heart attack here but i may have had too much caffeine.
Mr. Riley has been waking me up early as hell and work makes me tired so I decided last friday to have a 5 hr energy drink so I could stay up to 10 with my cool self. I get really pissed when I want to stay up but can't. Well tonight I didn't have one available so I had some crap I picked up from Sleven. The can said drink half a can the first time and don't drink more than one a day.. I laughed it off and drank 3/4s. Um stupid, not again. I'll stick with 5 hr energy and lots of water instead cause dude, my chest is beat fast, I felt nauseus earlier and I've also had a panic attack or two and I know its just the caffiene. The 5 hr energy drink I have no problems, I just stay up. I prefer it to sodas and coffee galore that don't really work for me.
I'm in midst of watching a horror movie that I almost turned off because the intro credits were in comic sans.. it really is a reason to not watch a movie. Its pure shit but I'm up and knitting and had even went out for a knit friend's b-day.
In other news my new computer showed up. Its charging and tomorrow I'll get Boo to hook me up with internet. Its a 15 inch screen and boy is it huge...Luckily its thinner than my last laptop so the weight evens out.. its definately no macbook size but for watch hulu, netflix and such I think I'll really enjoy its big size.
Off to continue my movie and hopefully come down from my high...caffiene high... hopefully I'm nearing the end of it and will go without pointless panic attacks of no real origin. As fun as it is for a friday night I think I'll pass next time.


Blogger wheelinsticks said...

Oh no. What was in that stuff!?!

7:54 AM  
Blogger Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

Holy Crap! What was it?

And I'm glad you've had good luck with the five hour energy things... a friend at work just told me how much he liked them because it worked and it didn't make him feel all jittery. I haven't tried it.

10:52 PM  

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