Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dude, Again?

Dear mother nature,
I have been super patient with this rain thing. I've been downright positive about. Its good for my garden, my garden blooms so much better with rain versus a hose, but dude, stop. The dog park smells like a pig pen. My weeds are more prominent than my flowers. I am an avid weeder and now I have a solid field of weeds among my annuals. Heck, when I weed I take a chance of hurting the flowers cause the weeds are so rooted at this point.
You were so tricky yesterday, it was beautiful outside. Plans to garden, mow lawns etc popped into St. Louisans minds.... We had hope damn it, plans, thoughts of meats to grill. And poof, I take my dogs out this morning and find that its raining, again. Thanks, really, lift our hope and smash it down. Hamburgers now will become meatloaf and mothers will be getting drunk before noon having gone crazy with another day of the kids inside. If you're okay with that on your shoulders then fine, keep it up. If not, let the sun in, dang it, and just give us a few days without rain.
Most Sincerely,
Crafty and Crap


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