Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Birds...

Are noisy sons of bitches. I apparently have a cardinal nest in my tree.. A little girl tried to fly out this morning and didn't appear to be quite ready. She hops around my yard with her dad following her and then goes into the neighbors yard thanks to simon, the I wanna be your friend dog. I figure I can pick her up and put her back in the tree.. I get out the gardening gloves, chase her a little and pick her up. Well she screamed her little head off and then both parents started flying near me which was a little too alford hitchcock for me. I put her back in the tree which was not to her liking and she flies off to the other neighbors tree... Guess it take the crap being scared out of you to be ready to fly. Sorta like life. I'm intrigued by bird mating habits.. seems like they pair off after I saw the pigeons making their nest together and attack of the killer cardinal parents. Kinda cool..much less skanky than the ever mating rabbits.


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