Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right

I've been trying to work out more since a) i've gained weight, b) kara is an inspiring rockstar. I've been counting calories too via the dailyplate.com. You can also keep track of your "exercise for the day" which allows you more caloric intake. I've gotta say if you are counting these items as your "exercise" that which you are making yourself healthier, fitter, and get more calories for eating if you so cose for we may want to talk this cause you burn calories living too but you don't get to count that as "extra calories"... Sure some do burn calories and such but to count it as your "workout" for the day leaves something to be desired. Damn, I just sheared sheep all day, how many calories did I burn, let me look it up. And yet, they don't have crunches or running for slow folks. Why choose 5.2 miles/hr and 6 miles and hour... not 4 miles an hour or 5.5....
Anyway my entertainment of workout activities include:
19th century dance
Accordian Playing
Arts and Crafts
Receiving Manicure
Changing linens
Sheep Sheering
Bathing / Brushing teeth - please, someone brush their teeth for an hour it'll burn 127 calories in that hour which is also how much you burn per hour if you were to change an lighbulb for an hour.
If you clean your church it burns 190 calories per hour. I wonder if its the same for a synagogue. Yes, praying was also listed.
Talking in a recliningg position will burn less calories than sitting or standing and talking.
Family reunion burns 95 calories per hour but then you gain calories by all the drinking it requires.
Doing the high jump burns 380 calorie an hour... it also requires you do um, do the high jump for an hour which would be a lot of repeating it...Unless we are just going to count the one jump which might take 30 seconds if you are lucky.
Hoeing burns 317 calories an hour but Ho-ing burns 63 calories to 101 calories depending on vigorousness and whether its sex or sexual activity.
Smoking, quietly I might add, burns 63 calories an hour... but um, yeah, if thats your workout you are in a heap of trouble with a side of cancer.
Again, i repeat, no crunches or slow running paces....on the workout list... we wouldn't want to junk it up with worthless stuff would we. :P


Blogger Shannon said...

I never understood that crap. I mean, come on. You were doing that stuff when you were fat, why would you consider it exercise? I consider exercise above and beyond the call of duty (or existance). I hate how they don't have some basics. SparkPeople is like that too, but I enter mine in manually, and you can save sets too. However, since I have my GPS/Heart rate monitor I enter in exactly the calories I burned according to my heart rate and weight that day and so on.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I think it's ridiculous when those sources of information include goofy things like brushing teeth as an activity for which you can burn calories. Sheesh.

And DUDE, I love me some Kanye West. Never was a fan until I saw him perform (with U2, who I still can't stand, but was invited to the show on a date... yeah, weird combo). College Dropout is a great album. Heck yeah!

But keep up the good work. I've been trying to exercise more because I've been feeling like a fat, lazy pig. This whole job search thing is a drag, motivation killer and it's literally sucking my will to live.

5:25 PM  

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