Wednesday, February 28, 2007

After Life comes...

So I read this book Stiff once. Totally made me loosen up about what happens to me after I kick it. I have enormous kick it issues but in aftermath, I don't care much. I'm not saying you can take my body to some necro freak but I'm not so concerned if my sig other wants himself cremated or tossed in a box. Me. I'd like to live forever but if not, use my organs as much as you want, take the left overs toss it in a take out to container and bury somewhere that no one will visit 100 years from now cause they won't know who i am.
So comments like this... are just great to me these days "When you die and you don't have any relatives, they just kick you to the side," Fouty said. "And now she's frozen. That just makes me cringe. That's not what she wanted at all. I'm just scared to death they're going to cremate her and stick her in a cemetery where she doesn't know anyone."
Know anyone... seriously? She wanted her body donated to science and thats not working out so well but I'm pretty sure she won't know anyone there either...ya know, there, the place of science.


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