Thursday, February 22, 2007

What would you do...

If a neighbor who you don't talk to starts leaving a yippy dog out all night long.... The barking is keeping me up, disturbing my dogs who are then having a conversation with said dog

2 am -Poodle mix: "yo, I'm left outside bitches"
Riley: "Sista I hear ya, I'm stuck in this here bedroom"
Me: "Shut up Riley"
3 am -Poodle mix: "Let me in, its 3 am, I must be lonely"
Riley: "I'm lonely, I'll love you"
Me: "Shuuut up!"
4 am -Poodle mix: "Its 4 am, I'm still out here...hello!?!"
Riley: "Hey guys, do you hear that dog, we need to let her in"
Me in Lunesta filled stupor: "Shut the Fuck up"

Me, 6:45 am: "Fucking alarm, why don't I feel rested"


Anonymous Brown said...

Invest in a hand-pumped pellet gun. One pump is just enough to sting and send a message without permanent damage.

8:38 AM  

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