Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dude how will i ever move to TX?

So I'm in GA and let me tell ya, I may murder some southern girls. I got stuck watching 5 yayas from Birmingham at the airport. Their flight was going to be delayed and they were frantic on how they'd get home. It was 1 grand yaya, her 3 or 4 daughters and two granddaughters. I had no idea what the 6 year old yaya was saying with her accent. She mind as well had been speaking Swahili and I would have gotten what she said better.

During their franticness before the flight they called every Mama, Brother Billy and Uncle Ted. They drove me bonkers. Finally it was time to get on the plane... oh yes, i was next to the grand yaya. She called Uncle Vernon and went bat shit crazy at cousin Luanne who wouldn't "by G-d, sweet Jesus put her Uncle Vernon on the phone."

One hundred and 10 minutes later we were in Atlanta and I was running away from the southern gals as fast as I could.

Boo and I met up and went to the hotel where our room was as big as my house. Also there was a cheer event with tons of bubbly girls and some sporting event where I had to listen to teenage boys talk about sloppy seconds. Me, 100 cheerleaders from the south and their mama's... not a good mix. My womb has closed shut and I'm moving off to Alaska.

We went to the ATL aquarium which was awesome. Again, more southern belles, their mama's and daddies.... It was to say a long day..... It was a great day that ended on the riverfront with alcohol and seafood..oh during the day, fish at dinner....Wrong...but delicious.


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