Friday, May 07, 2010

Its not a problem..

I'd do the math but i suck at it. I have a lot of planting done at the new place ignoring blueberry bushes and fruit trees. We have .37 acres with one hell of a hill out back. Lots of items have room to sprawl if they so choose to take including squash, watermelon and cantaloupe. Also I do have a bit of vertical growing including raspberries, strawberries, cucumbers and peas.

My biggest plots are 3'x3' raised boxes and the 10 ft x 1 foot row behind them that will home asparagus. Everything else is random pots and the fabric pots that I loved last year. I have 5 of the potato growbags (18"x18") , 3 tomato growbags and 3 (12"x24") herb bags (which don't look like the picture and I am hesitant of) that i'm trying non salad items in. Approximately 12-15 12"x12" pots and plantings around the property. I also have random plantings of watermelon, zucchini etc. If i ran into extra plants I just shoved them in a hole on the edges of the property. I have little faith in some of my experiments but doesn't hurt to try anyway. I also have some plantings in my flower gardens of edible items or just decorative (at least in the beginning) like rhubarb.

I've seen flowers on my new peppers but usually the first run of flowers just fall off. My beans that I started from seeds are starting to flower too. I hope to have enough to make a few jars of dilly beans this year.
* i can't write for shit in this post


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