Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last summer I planted fingerling potatoes. They were great they grew fast and I ever replanted some and got a second round. After the first round my sweet potato tubers were ready for planting so I planted them. Vines and vines and vines grew. I even dug them up at some point to find mini taters. Not enough for my promise of taters for kara who grew my tubers. Well apparently i didn't wait long enough. Today I picked up a pot of them and went through it. Hey apparently it was a success but of course they weren't ready til i was not thinking garden any more. I planted these tubers all over the damn place so I'm sure we'll be finding rotten crop for a while.
Here is the one pot i found. They are all rotten but not a bad crop. I love my fabric pots. I plan to use lots of these next year. Especially for my tomatoes, peppers and taters. I do need to learn how to store them because i recall us on a rush to eat them before they went bad last year.


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