Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Jersey Shore

Not that crappy one on MTV.....
During spring in STL the fan comes out of the basement for enjoyment in the evenings. Its not quite AC weather yet and frankly we don't want to pay the bill sooner than we need. Every year when the fan comes out I become nostalgic for the Jersey shore. Growing up that was the only place I can recall needing a fan. Whenever I hear the soft whisper of the fan I listen for the sound of the ocean in the background. I always come up short seeing as I'm in the middle of the US. A week ago when I was breaking Passover on my front porch of the new house a breeze came through that threw me back to the shore. It was nice cool evening breeze on the stonework of the porch. I don't miss the east coast and I love STL but there are times when I miss the ocean. Of course I forget about sand in my shorts, stepping on seashells, and the lack of people my age by a good 40 years. Boo and I went back a few years ago, it was, as most things, the not same. I'm sure the hurricane that came through probably didn't help. I still would like to return to my grandparents home there even though they are no longer at it. Its a family place and quite a nice perk seeing as I'm 1000 miles away and don't have to maintain it. Its apparently changed alot in the last few years but there are parts that always stay the same, the lighthouse, the water sound and the cool evening wind.


Blogger Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Spent 2 weeks working a project in Sea Girt NJ one spring. Changed my opinion of New Jersey. Beautiful place, nice people.

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