Sunday, January 31, 2010

And we're off

We are officially looking for a new home. I started this blog or a semblance of it when I bought the first home 5 years ago. I loved updating the repairs and woes of course. We haven't visited things in person yet but the few contenders on the top of list all have their things.
#1 Kirkwood home, lots of flair, possible huge slope backyard which wouldn't jive with me gardening, house and children falling all the way down. Perhaps I could get some landscape advice pre purchases I have a bunch of landscape folks available to me.
#2 Webster. Weird access to backyard, from the house you pass the drive and then get to the gate to let your dogs out. I'd rather have 3 sides of fence than that. There are a mighty lot of trees that would be a bitch to get Webster to agree to get them down Fun possibility. They have an addition with a flat roof. Would Boo go for a greenroof? If anything I can try him out on the tray system verus the whole big deal with did at work. I imagine it wouldn't so much work for my gardening but who knows.. we can explore. Also that addition could also always get a second floor if we needed more space for our 1 invisible kid and the questionable follow up. Shoot I wouldn't mind being jewish jospheine baker but other half might not be so pro. My only strong feels is girls need sisters. But that may just me response to not having one. My perfect idea family would have two girls and a boy. My perfect family though would also be rich, have a great mixed set of friend for the kids and they'd really dig my religion ever with its lack of marketing and fun appeal.
Everything else doesn't seem like it needs mentioning, There are a few others in both locations. We shall see how it goes and how long it takes. I have my veggie bags so things may get relocated at some point cause you know me and my veggies. I want to be the farmer wife with the urban edge. Instead I'll just describe myself as handy with all and enough hobbies and craft to fill a life time.


Anonymous JDawg said...

Go wit yo bad selves!! Keep me updated :)

6:53 PM  
Blogger Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

On Woodlawn several blocks before Manchester, I saw a couple of houses for sale and they were big houses.

10:46 PM  

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