Monday, March 01, 2010

Pepperidge Farm

Once upon a time when I finished college I made my Buby a memory book filled with illustrations her husband made and memories I have of her. I wanted her to know how much I loved her and would always remember her as. I have no idea what is in that book now as memories change and fade and new memories have been made, both good and bad. Hell, who brings their grandmother to college with them and takes them traipsing through tower grove park with their professors? Me, thats who. And the day I didn't bring her to school she stayed at my home and made me and my boyfriend (now husband) her special spaghetti and meatball sauce and later i found out folded and reorganzing all my clothing drawers. Luckily there was no guilty items in the underwear drawer as there was no guilty activities at the moment.
Buby is currently have issues drinking water and has to have a thickener in it. Gross right? Jello water. This girl hate jello and buby used to try to give it to use for dessert with fruit in it. If she really loved me she'd give me tasty cakes, oh wait she did! Also entemann's and pepperidge farm cakes. That was the real decadent dessert, either the vanilla cake with chocolate icing or the vanilla cake with coconut icing. Thursdays were Buby days and they were the days we got soda, meat, and dessert, all things not often in our diet unless you count hot dogs for meat. Every Thursday we went. My brother later stopped going but mom and I always went. All other plans were on hold for our regular thursdays. We'd play canasta, rummy tile etc. I kick ass in rummy tile if your granma needs a friend.
Right now I'm imagining the taste of those pepperidge farm cakes and how they'd be a tribute to my buby if i ate them after she passes. I'd cry all the way through but they were just one way I knew that she loved us and we were oh so special to her because she's a buby, and spoiling us rotten was her gift. I grew up not being anyone's bestest friend or favorite person but I was hers and I know it and am damn lucky for it and lucky that I know i had all that while she was still sharp as a tack (more so than my mother is now) and pretty good as a rummy tile player. I still kicked her ass though and no, she didn't let me win...


Anonymous Kara said...

So this totally made me cry.

I love that you have such great memories of Buby.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Roni JJ said...

Sweetie if it would still be fresh I'd mail you a dozen of them...damnit ~ made me cry!


Love ya woman!

9:39 AM  

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