Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy Crazy says...

Tonight mom called. I didn't really want to talk but she's lonely and having Buby stress which is standard especially with our elders getting older and things worsening as they tend to do. Apparently Buby has a new helper and she is a good cook so Buby is eating again, her other two helpers were poor cooks.
Mom told me that the ladies keep wanting Mom to go to their strip shows that they have to raise money for this or that. They also keep trying to show her pics of said shows. Yes, please show my mother pics of men and their junk... Mom is going to a baby shower for one lady's 17 year old daughter's baby and is worried there will be a stripper. Good lord. Have you all spewed soda on the screen yet. Sure, I'm not in touch with my inner city Philadephia old lady aides but I'd like to say that there will not be a nekkid black man at a baby shower for a 17 year old girl. If I'm wrong well, I'll eat some bacon and say three hail marys.
She also wanted to talk to me about CSI and people having latex caulk parties where they inject their lips. First off, CSI, not real... if so we'd solve every damn crime, second, if there are idjusts injecting caulk in their body all willy nilly it might be good to thin the herd, three I think she meant botox parties using something that wasn't botox. If anyone sends me an invite for a Latex Caulk Party, I'm going to hope that we're going to refinish their tub or that maybe they party with Buby's helpers and can't spell for shit.


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This is hilarious.

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