Sunday, November 01, 2009


Today I went to the mall and got a makeover.. Contrary to Kara's belief I love people doing my make up, ditto on hair. She doing mine for the wedding was just a bit weird cause neither of us are touchers. Its sorta a negative-positive magnetic reaction. We are two negatives so we repell but get a positive in there and either of us is okay with the touchy crap.
My mother never taught me to do anything girly so its been a struggle to girldom. First time I shaved I did it dry and then took a shower. Yowza! Mom wanted me to stay young forever, didn't work, especially since she treated me otherwise like an adult from a young age. I used to sneak off to buy hair bleach with my allowance and try to sneak doing it in the bathroom. I later upgraded to bike rides to the local store at the shore to buy make up. Heck my middle school offered a make up class once for an elective. Nothing like 1950's make up tips. I came out looking like gogo trash meets 7th grade. More blue than one would know what to do with.
Having an actual girly girlfriend has been fun. Kara has taught me all sorts of makeup stuff...and I keep learning. Today I learned people hate my good complexion and lack of need for foundation. Suck it bitches, I got a dry scalp like a mother fucker so its a give or take world. Mindy's world of snow is as sexy as your acne. :P
Anyway back to the makeover. Good lord, how did I agree to this? I wanted it deep down, I know this but I was worried about some perky ass girl talking my ear off, trying to sell me a Miata's amount of makeup. Guess what, I got her. I hate idle chit chat. Let me enjoy the process and let me be. Heck when I get my hair cut I just want to zen in the quiet world....getting make up done, not quiet at all...Asking me every few minutes how something feels drives me nuts. It feels like f-ing make up lady, what do you want me to say? My face is climaxing from the light nothing feeling of the powdery sparkles showering on my face.
Anyway I came out with some new eyeshadows and such that I'm excited about. Give me a week to decide if it was worth being all mature and shit and letting some chick tart me up and drain my wallet. I definately won't be doing the look she gave me but I did get some decent ideas.

**Note to make up ladies, don't make us look like a cougar going out for a stroll. Realistically, I think we'd all prefer a nice look for the day time. Besides if we get a nice daytime look we'll do it more often than the weekend tart up and we'll go through your wares quicker.


Blogger KymberlieBlu said...

you're brave. those people scare the hell out of me. funny, the older i get, the less i wanna wear.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Kara said...

I look way better today having done my normal eyes and blush. :) I even went crazy and put on a little lipstick this morning since my skin looked better after the new foundation. :)

Kymberlie - we all at least got girls who had their own makeup nicely done. There was one lady who had scary makeup that kept coming around to talk to us all.

8:16 AM  
Blogger KBO said...

BWAH! Girl, you funny.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Monica the Author said...

I love my makeup! During our conversation last week, one girl said all you need is powder. The next day when I was putting on blush and eyeshadow, I was questionng myself lol. Then I realized,"Some of us need a little extra help, and that's ok."

11:42 AM  

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