Sunday, October 25, 2009

Winter comes, styles go

My first attempt at dealing with this was getting rid of crummy sweaters and replacing them with fleece isn't quite a step but they get me to get rid of my old, they pill less and might even keep me warmer. I feel so blah in the winter and its cause I'm trying to stay warm and everything starts to look dowdy.
I also took the step to remove the small shirts i won't wear because a) my breasts pop the buttons and b)I don't want to look like coworker i don't like.
I need to get new button downs and new black and gray pants that fit nicely. I don't want to be pure jean girl. If i had my way there would be some plaid slacks in there but that would be a pain to find and hurt others ;) Frankly my nicer sweaters are not even containing wool so I'm not warm. stardard outfit, t, sweater, scarf, all day long.
I need to lose 5 lbs by the holiday season. jeans and undies are getting tight, is it shrunkeness or new bodonakdonkness.
So heres the deal. I want five lbs to be found around my mid section gone.. I started with the crunches and need to continue into something else. Biking in my basement, working on my basement, walking to and fro to work, workout dvd, etc. I am i woman of some control so I need to aim for a monitary price that will help the winter clothing blues. I'm thinking boots with a heal, my blacks are meh, browns are a bitch to walk in and I'd like a new skirt to go with it. perhaps a cream, brown orange plaid skirt or if the gods are nice, with a built in slip. May have to peruse the world on etsy and i did get mall clothes I really liked before the wedding. I also need a new jean skirt, one to be bought after weight loss.
Case and point, if there gets it together she is getting some ridiculous boots so that when the color in the winter go and we all feel drab, i can still kick ass and feel sexy doing it. Now to stop looking at boots that fit in gogo categories. I'm also going to start a money pot for working out. Not sure the rates but it will me the hopeful weight loss purchase less painful. And if i don't do it by xmas, it becomes charity money instead...


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