Wednesday, September 30, 2009

who's the zombie killer of the week of course.... Okay next week I am..
Ye' ole birthday is next week and I'm celebrating kara style.. and by kara style i mean all week instead of just one day. I'm hoping to get everything from :P Especially the mother earth birthing pendant... its just so beautiful I tear up inside... while she is tearing up too but different pronunciation....
First its sukkot ,so I'll have my sukkah up which makes me happy.
Monday is physical therapy, not so much celebration but I do get a massage out of it and the only ultrasound I'd ever want. I supose I did have one for the Boob Scare of 07 too but that was a tad stressful too, this one is not, just gooey.
Tuesday is massage with friend S.
Wednesday is haircut and knitting, rumors of pie are in the air...
Thursday is my day of rest, its like a presabbath.
Friday JDawg comes in and we bowl and drink at Flamingo. Friday's music isn't as ghetto as I enjoy but I will make do I'm sure. I will not be driving as my car was broken into two weeks ago when we bowled. Nothing stolen, nothing to steal except left over La Pizza which I'd be very sad about.
Saturday we are doing Chinese food and Zombieland with all the friends. We are going to Helen's (actual name is Chinese Express, Helen is the owner and Boo's adopted mother) and will have traditional cantonese food per Boo's request. It will be divine. Our favorite dish we call crack rice, definately not on the menu, definately addictive.
In theory Saturday is the end of the week but really Sunday is and if I know my grand baking friend she will bring treats unless she has to hang out with her inlaws instead which seems to occur on too many sundays... The question is what baked good do I love the best....her rhubarb bars are divine but everything oatmeal cookies rock my socks too.
I'm really dragging this sucker out... very not me but hey, why the fuck not? Hell October is my whole month, sukkot (google it), b-day, anniversary and halloween... its a month long celebration bitches....okay scratch the bitches, I suddenly am feeling very Samual Jackson ala dave chapelle....must be the mentin of JDawg and zombies... Need I remind you of LJ in Resident Evil: Apocalypse aka, Resident Evil 2, now with more freaky monsters and scary children - a little ghettotasticness in a zombie movie is fantastic and he was some great comic relief. Most of yal have no idea what I'm talking about so I'll stop here before I drop the mf bomb and whip out my two golden Dessert Eagles.


Blogger Shannon said...

You KNOW I would dump my inlaws for you. Plus, we are meeting them this Sunday for dinner. I still get to go knitting. And you can choose your sweets, or leave it all up to me. We have time, and I have plenty of sugar ;)

1:10 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Um also, you want sugar on the 11th right? Well, I know you wouldn't mind BOTH Sundays but I gotta bake for the husband guy this Sunday and he's not willing to share his birthday treats.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Kara said...

You failed to mention the viewing of Zombieland on Saturday night. I know it's not as exciting as crack rice, but c'mon! It'll be awesome.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I'm excited for the crack rice. Not sure we'll make the movie, though. Around here we do birthday weekend extravaganzas that last sometimes all week.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous JDawg said...

Motherf*cker, please! My $hit is custom!

4:53 PM  
Anonymous JDawg said...

BTW, I'd like it known that Zombieland is currently #115 on IMDB :D

8:30 AM  

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