Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ain't no party like my nana's tea party

I've been waiting a good few years for Fan Boys to come out...ever since I heard of it being made I've been a bit stalky of its release...then I miss it coming to dvd and find out from Kara... I saw it tonight, I rather enjoy the "not wil wheaton" actor from detroit rock city, superman, and not another teenage movie Sam Huntington.... I'm a happy camper... I think I'd fit more into the Star Trek liking crowd (because my former bff was a fan) if either but growing up with my brother and listening to Star War loving jocks (whom luckily have come out much better rounded than my brother) I was a happy camper. And luckily in my house I've only got one guy checking out the hot chick versus my brother's star wars parties and getting hit on by the 3 years younger guys, one of which came in a star trek outfit to annoy the star war guys... He's now a very successful deeply religious jewish doctor but alas, this jew wasn't trained well in the art of finding a nice jewish doctor.
My big work party is tomorrow.. It would be faster and easier to have a baby it feels... I've made a playlist to keep me energetic tomorrow. I'd like to lock myself in the basement and get my shit done while getting my groove on. Tonight I kept myself going by getting a great pumpkin with reeses in it from ted drewes...it was fantastic... I'm unfortunately i'm now wired... guess the music works :)


Anonymous Courtney Chesley said...

That guy does have a version of Archie's hair. LOL!

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Brown said...

Damn, that came out?! I was the same way, heard good stuff about it and how it was stuck in release purgatory, then nothing. Thanks for the heads up!

.. and I don't know, are the "Star Wars loving jocks" actually well-rounded if they've made lightsaber duel videos complete with visual and sound effects?

9:03 AM  

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