Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skeeved out

So I considered taking a kick boxing class, emphasis on considered..... I went to try it out tonight. First off, its too expensive.... just is.. their cheapest option had me putting out 300 bucks flat out for 3 months and I just don't know if I'm that into it. I like hitting stuff but I lack coordination. I know i have a romanticized view of some exercises thanks to chubby author Charlene Harris. The way she describes her characters when they run or exercise or clean makes me want to do all of them...possibly i should realize she probably hasn't run or kickboxed ever but damn does she make me want to do them. They are all so peaceful and soul cleansing. What they don't mention is that although these are soul cleansing and I was once okay with floor mats the idea of barefoot walking on a mat skeeves my shit out. I came home, left all goods in the car and walked right into the shower.... I'd make my bug fearing friends proud. I'm a tough girl and except for mice, I don't squirm easily.. apparently now we know I do.. floor mats, feet, ick. I knew i didn't like feet but I don't run into them often.. tonight I did... it grossed me out...


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