Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random Mom story

So i often bitch about my mom and her nutsoness... In fact today at Tower Grove Park I watched some grandparents play soccer and thought how young they acted and how old my parents act and of course got angry at them. Randomly this week I was thinking about sexuality and the difficulty people must experience when they want to come out... something they shouldn't even have to do, we shouldn't all assume people are straight unless they say otherwise or on the other side, assume someone who may be particularly flamboyant as a man or masculine as a woman are thus not heterosexual. I seem to fit in the masculine catagory at times and have many a time had to state my heterosexuality to those on both sides of the fence. Perhaps it doesn't help that I can appreciate and even swoon to some real knock outs like famike jannsen... but thats a whole other concept in my head...I'll admit i do stereotype too... when seeing a profile of someone I know on facebook i a) assumed they were gay from their profile after assuming they were straight b) I assumed they were the person I knew - how often do you have the same name and same location when your name isn't something like bob smith and c) wasn't just being a dumb kid who thinks its funny to pretend to be gay to shock people. I'm sorta on the b&c side of the fence at the moment. I don't know what i want to feel but I get really annoyed with the kids who play the C which happens a lot... its the new way to annoy and shock teachers and parents. Shoot where is a gang to join or drugs to use when you want to upset parents. Point blank they are being jackasses which really bugs me but alas, what teenager isn't a jack ass at one time or another, in one way or another, well except those Duggar kids who are all sunshine and rainbow... ....anyway back to my parents, my mother.
My mother early in high school had me read an article about a pair of lesbians who had been together since World War II in Europe. I had a great interest in WWII and have read and done many reports on it. Me thinking it was just an article on WWII read it and didn't really absorb any big deal on it being lesbians. I don't think i was raised to be open about race or sex but i read too much and came to what I think are good stands on the subjects without too much influence of my parents. I think my studying of WWII since 6th grade (first time i did a research report on it) really influenced these views. Anywho my mother used that article to try to ask if i had any thoughts "like that." I scoffed, being a young teenage girl but now i see she was trying to give me an open area to talk about it - if i wanted, if i needed, if this butch girl had other "non standard" thoughts. In 1995 I feel like this was pretty cutting edge for her to be doing. I felt like my four years in high school were the beginning of homosexuality coming out at a teenage time to the general public. Granted there were still many kids who kept it in until their departure to college etc. but it was a start and just a beginning of their struggles to have the general public accepting those wanted to be in general society, not their own subset group defined by their sexual choices.
Anyway, i just wanted to write about my mom's attempt. That is all, its not elequont but its off my chest.


Blogger Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Is this the part where I drawl, I cain't quit you..." ? I think about coming out in the eighties the friends I lost, the friends I gained. My father not speaking to me for several months. And now everyone that is cool is bi-sexual. I am relic of the dark ages of homophobia. All because I fell in love with a dark-haired woman named Natalie. I wonder sometimes, if that hadn't happened what I would be now. Straight, gay, bi or just a knitter.

8:36 PM  
Blogger Crafty and Crap said...

I hung out with a lot of girls that played gay to shock their parents and just one who really did like girls... It bugs me how "trendy" it is.. or the kids who its the new way to try to shock adults, no more over 18 boyfriends now its mom is a teacher and I always hear about the kids messing around trying to taunt the teachers and girls who have to be escorted to the bathroom so they don't meet up with other girls to screw....Kids, they scare me.....and its annoying how they marginalize the something that is really an issue to some, not just a trend or a way to shock the adults...

11:53 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

I'm with Jamie. I identify as a Knitter way more than I identify with any arbitrary division of sexual preference.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous JDawg said...

You mean you're straight!!??!! Oh, and it's Famke Janssen :D

6:58 PM  

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