Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post Stealing.

I have nothing creative to say. I'm so overwhelmed with the awesome that was last week that I'm gonna let kara post and I'll just add my tidbits of commentary.

Last Wednesday was BFFF Mindy’s birthday (Best Fucking Friends Forever...in case you didn't get the reference), so naturally we drew the celebration out until yesterday.

YIP 156.365 Peach Crisp Since Wednesday night was knit night, I baked a peach crisp to bring in. One of the other regulars also brought in some fabulous brownies. Both were fantastic. I'm picky about brownies. Not big into cakey texture more chewy, these were chewing and fab.

We knit and ate and chatted and generally had a good time – just like any other Wednesday. I also got some awesome gifts which if i didn't suck I'd have photos of. The big exciting one was a skeleton nutcracker that then sent me back to remembering how bitter i was seeing my non jewish cousin's new nutcrackers each year. I wanted to crack some nuts too :P

Friday found us headed out to Pappy’s Smokehouse to try it out for the first time. The beef brisket was fabulous, baked beans delicious, and sweet potato fries divine. The bbq sauces I slathered on my food were pretty tasty, too. I however was not a fan because black pepper makes me cry and my beef brisket was covered in it.
YIP 159.365 Pappy's Smokehouse
I even tried a bit of Mindy’s smoked sausage and will definitely get that next time.
After dinner & bowling (which I did not participate in due to some serious shoulder pain), I however got a 78, 78, and 80. Laugh as you may, i was happy. we headed to Ted Drewes to get J-Dawg his fix. I had the Great Pumpkin concrete for the first time ever, and the addition of peanut butter cups as suggested by Mindy made it fantastic. can't spell awesome without me in it..

YIP 160.365 Apple Pickin'
Saturday, I headed out to Eckert’s with Mindy & her husband to do a little apple picking. I have lived in the St Louis area my entire life and this is the first time I went out there. We picked apples, ate apples, lunched at the cafe, hit the country store, then picked up some decorative pumpkins.
Other than inadvertently getting separated on the ride back (I did at least get on the same tractor), it was a good time. Now I have about 8 billion apples that I need to do something with.

Saturday night (after a brief nap), the official dinner party started at Chinese Express. It’s an unassuming little place in a small strip mall where you would not expect to get great food.

You would be wrong.

We did have a special weapon in the form of Mindy’s husband that got us the authentic Chinese food, although even the on menu items from here are better than your typical restaurant.

There was so much food. So much. Including the infamous Crack Rice.
Mindy's Birthday Dinner

I can’t tell you how yummy it all was. We all left stuffed full and I was not hungry until around noon on Sunday. Hell for me it was almost a full day later but i ate a lot......
Mindy's Birthday Dinner

After dinner, a few of us headed on to the Galleria to catch a showing of Zombieland. While it was an enjoyable movie, I can not really handle the zombie flicks because they are too anxiety inducing. Even in the non-zombie scenes I expected one to pop up and it freaked me out. It was so fucking awesome and funny and had good typography for you graphic designers out there. The intro as with Watchmen and Wolverine was fantastic. Its that slow mo action thing... and who doesn't love a stripper zombie with pasties and boobs to her belly button...Jesse Eisenberg playing not Michael Cera was pretty darn good.

As always, more pictures on flickr here (note that this years party pics are at the bottom of the screen) and here (the St Louis stuff set that includes apple picking pics) Poster Stealer out....


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Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad your week was fabulous.

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