Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Crabby Patty, aisle 1....

November in St. Louis, its not warm, its not cold, what better time to do some repairs to an office... Currently during the day we pretty much have an open wall in the office. While I'm technically not in that room all that separates me is a hall. Today to bat off the breezy blues with a side of construction workers smoke I bought myself some flowers and a smelly candle. Note to self: buy lighting instrument too... Sure I could have asked the construction guys for a light but i figured they were up a good 20 feet and it might be hard to pass off to me.
For some reason I still am amazed how many people came by my office and commented on how cold it seemed. Me being me pretty much responded with "really? Thank you for bringing that to my attention?" or "Really? I've been sweating my ass off." Makes me want to bring some spoiled milk to work and ask them to try and see if its bad... At least I invested in some fleeces this year and of course have many hand knit socks.


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