Sunday, May 03, 2009

Holla if ya hear me though, come and feel me flow

There are two flows to movies. The first time you see the movie and don't know whats going to happen and the second time you see it and know the story and what happens next. You lack that anticipation of whats going to happen next, you already know it. I love the first flow. The original X-men movie had fantastic flow, the second time I saw the flow wasn't as good. The main story came too quickly for me. I loved the back story, discovering characters and recollecting how they related to previously watched cartoon. There first time I saw The Incredibles it flowed well while later it felt like a hour of background and 15-30 minutes of action.
No spoilers here but I saw Wolverine this evening. The flow for me was good again, lots of development and then lots of "current" action story too. My two favorite hotties were in the movie but apparently hand downs Wolverine Hugh is my fav. Hugh is hot but only in Xmen do i lose my common sense (I am grossed out when veins pop out though) I love Wolverine also so the merging of the two is perfection. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the same role in every movie (wise ass) didn't even even compare, I'll keep the Blade III Reynolds.
I didn't know the story at all, so as with Watchmen, I was pleased. There is no thinking this isn't how the comic went. My only issue was Gambit not being ass cool as he could be. I needed some more Mon Cher action, apparently we don't have much of an accent yet in the earlier 80's or late 70's.
Superhero type movies get mixed reviews. I think it depends on the watcher, not the movie sometimes. It depends on their expectation and what previous knowledge of the story they have stored in their mind. I have enough that I appreciated a yellow spandex joke but not enough that I am noticing the movie to comic book similiarity ratio. I enjoyed it but am not holding my breath til dvd option. I'd rather keep it elevated in my mind with the good first time viewing flow.


Blogger Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I love superhero movies. I never thought I would be that type of girl, but bring on the Incredible Hulk!

2:14 AM  
Anonymous Brown said...

The comic book Origin ruined Wolverine for me, so I'd imagine this movie would ruin the film version for me also. The awesome part about Wolverine was that you didn't know anything about him. The mystery made him more intriguing. Any backstory they could possibly come up with would never be enough. Just like how Lucas ruined Boba Fett.

8:40 AM  

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