Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yay for rain

I'd just like to say yay for the rain. Sure it may turn in to horrible snow that will keep us housebound til July or if STL would plow sooner, tomorrow.... but right now my car is getting clean and I'm happy about that. I have some car work I need to do relating to wiper fluid not coming out and yes, i do have fluid. Unfortunately/Fortunately my days seem to be full this working thing and early evenings too so I haven't gotten to fix it. So for our, I say woohoo for rain.


Blogger daiva e said...

Your fluid is probably frozen - happened to me a few years ago. Apparently, I never used it enough, so had a bunch in my car from the summer and the winter mixture has a higher alcohol content. At least that's what the oil change place said. Took them over an hour to thaw it and replace it, but since I always get my car serviced there, no charge. :-)

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