Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before Dec 17th

I need to crochet two kippahs, weave a set of towels already on the loom, weave a scarf, embroider one kippah... Doable? Doubtful.... And i didn't even think about the aunt... she will get some stl coffee i think....
My towels that are on the loom are currently a big fail. We shall see if i can rectify it. I need to not warp my loom to the edges. I think that is where my problem is... Mom's gift is the towels but if i weave them and don't touch them further i'm fine, they can wait til her birthday. I already gave her bulbs, knit two dish clothes, ginger gummy bears and got her the percy jackson series. Am i transfering my spoiling of Buby to mom, totally...although i have taken to spoiling her on some years more than others. Or more so spoiling, and then really spoiling her.
I have started the first kippah and using the right crochet thread is going much better, i need to buy black, a reddish maroon or navy for embroidering, black for the other kippah which may also have some purple stripes in it. I'm sorta winging it but with cotton i can just block it a bit flatter if needed. Working with such a small hook i find myself stabbing my finger a bit.
I have a few other holiday gifts to get done in there for friends... but unlike family, friends understand when gift making gets derailed.


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