Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cheep cheep....

Thats the sound of baby chickens. We got approval from the neighbors. Woo! I've been super lame with this here blog as of lately. It will probably continue that way until I'm in chicken, gardening mode since that seems to be what I post. I have finished some knit items, as well as weaving. We've also done some home repairs including a new living room light... and we are still married after doing it together.
The old house as still not sold. There will be an open house this Sunday and then it will come off the market on the first for 60 days and then go back on. When we no longer have house payments I'm ready for a new car... The slamming of gas/breaks to be the same speed as the grown up cars is getting old.
This weekend we are heading back to PA for Buby's gravestone unveiling. We are going to visit my uncle and his family on Saturday before which will be nice. I haven't been there probably since I took Coconut back to MO with me in 99. (Thats where I adopted my now gone iguana) Wow! How can that be.....anyway.. I've been working on presents for my cousins. Mom says no one appreciates what I give them, like the graduation collage gifts i gave them but she can stick with her half glass full route. The gift i made the stoner was quick and easy and cheap. The yarmulke for my other cousin was not but i know he will appreciate it. My other cousin is getting a scarf and i can see her having random issues with stuff around her neck or fringe or what not (bit nutty issues) but I don't know for sure. Even if she doesn't wear it, she will appreciate it.
Mom doesn't know I've made them gifts and I'm certain will make a big deal about them not bringing gifts etc etc but whatev. I'm visiting their house from 900 miles away, gifts can be for the holidays, because we are going over there, or just because. I'm doing it cause I want to.. all other issues/reasons aren't important.


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