Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The yearly knitting / crochet wrap up.

Sure seems like I made a lot more this year.. oh wait, no wedding to make 500 flowers for. This year also has some crocheting included. Two cat beds made for charity are not included since I don't have pics of them.

1. P1040055, 2. P1040052, 3. PC110002, 4. Crochet hat in 1 evening, 5. 057, 6. 052, 7. PA150047, 8. Gehaekelte Topflappen, 9. Baby Chucks, 10. Shedir , 11. JDawg's Blanket - EZ Garterstitch Blanket - Jiffy Thick and Quick Yarn, 12. Gehaekelte Topflappen, 13. Clapotis for MaMa, 14. Cat Bed for Donation, 15. Snowboarder hat on me, 16. February Lady Sweater, 17. Photo 7, 18. IMG_2218
Not included in the mosaic cause I forgot Chickadee Cowl not in the round.

The most recent creations were holiday gifts. For Kim i made two Gehaekelte Topflappen which was crocheting project. Last year she gave me a crochet book to learn how. I think i can considered myself learned.

Then there was the secret project for Boo, socks in his favorite soccer team's (Roma) colors.


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