Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The taste of gross

I am attempting to take some vitamin B and vitamin A for my dry scalp dry skin sexiness. Last night I took nature's made balanced b50 complex. I nearly puked and was still nauseous this morning. By balanced they must mean you need to balance yourself during puking. I find my one-a-day sorta stomach upsetting but this B took the cake. Blech!! Don't we have enough technology we could coat that nasty stuff in something good. I would be completely okay taking a sugar coated vitamin versus one that makes me want to heave from the smell and taste.

In case you haven't noticed I'm attempting national blogging month.. frankly i'm way further than I ever expected to get. Heaving, dandruff, poop, I'm covering all the important stuff.

Edit for more info: B complete whatever isn't working out. Sure its been two days but its gross and makes me nauseous as does my one a day. I think I should take the suggestion of chewables but not flinestones, its better than nothing but not meant for an adult. I also should probably get a baseline blood panel sometime to see what my weaknesses are. A chewable one a day will be a start. Now to find biotin to take I doubt it would taste different than the B concoction but we shall see...I'll have to scout around looking at bottles at the store.. totally not weird like at all..and while i'm at it i should think about a calcium chewable versus the horse pill.


Blogger Monica the Author said...

See, this is why I take One-A-Day gummy vitamins. No nausea, and it's like eating candy, or miniature fruit.

4:26 PM  

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