Thursday, November 05, 2009

Its begininng to feel a lot like chan-u-kah....

Okay it totally isn't but I am officially in full crafting for the holidays mode. Unfortunately, I plan to gift many of the folks here so I can't say much. My mediums, however, I can share...knitting...polymer clay.....crocheting....resin.....jewelery.....My crafty friends still like crafted presented, my families, not so much. Mom has given me her list which she seems to do often. She's not 8, she can't tell me what she wants unless I ask. (just a crazy idea in my head)...too often she requests after I've made/purchased gifts. This year she got out ahead so she'll get her requests and a few extras to go along with. I may try to bake and send her cookies since I know she doesn't get around to it herself anymore.
I suppose I ought to suggest to Boo thinking about gifts for his family but I forsee borders gift cards for teenagers so thats pretty easy, damn those kids growing up. Its way more fun giving them legos and nerf guns but they are, like, totally too old for that. (I however bought myself a nerf gun this past weekend) The adults are a bit harder to plan for but I find they don't need or want much so I don't put too much stress into it. We're thinking a dog collar camera for the farm family. If anything its a good day of fun and then stashed til trashed. We'll probably find a bunch of other think geek gifts and call it a day. I'm getting excited, the weather has cooled and my crafty juices are ready to flow. Dead is the garden but my crafts they're alive...alive....ALIVE!!!


Anonymous Kara said...

I'm hoping to get to some of the sewing parts of my crafting this weekend & knock out a couple of the gifts I have in the pipe. :)

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Brown said...

If you need to buy Lego and Nerf for someone, look no further.

8:10 AM  

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