Saturday, November 07, 2009

Almost perfect day.

The dog park was active with young couples today and we pretty much spent 2 hours there. I sat on a picnic table with a mixed marriage couple and my little dog ran around on top of the table pretending to be big which was actually better than when he is on the ground getting snappy and trampled on. I usually look a bit down on the dogs walking on the picnic table but today I joined them. There is a little dog section of the dog park but no one uses it except for time outs.
My dogs pick and choose when they want to run or want to be petted. Today was a combo. Boo and I came home and went to indian buffet and then we finished up this season's gardening and planted bulbs. I think i still need more and I broke a shovel but it was really nice doing yard work with Boo even though i know he doesn't like gardening.
My coworker and his wife decided to take their dogs for a walk and stopped by. Amazingly they all played. Too often our play dates with other dogs consist of the humans trying to get them to play and the dogs looking at us like we are bat shit crazy. They played for a while and we chatted and then went our separate ways. Boo and I continued to garden and then came in to wind down. I showered and got comfy to read and play on the internet but the smart dog decided it was love time and he sat on my laptop. While not helpful it was cute and I put the laptop down and cuddled him until I fell asleep. I shouldn't have been surprised considered buffet and gardening are great at making me want a nap.
After my nap we went to dinner with B&S at Onesto Pizza. It was fantastic and with 70 degree weather we didn't mind waiting outside with a drink for a seat. They had a fire pit going and there were lots of folks enjoying this crazy nice weather. Dinner was fan freaking tastic. The day was to be completed with the perfect ending of bowling but the place was booked til midnight so we closed our night down. Aside from my stomach feeling like its bursting it was an all in all great day. This unseasonable weather is the weather i live for but alas its a quick phenomenon in St. Louis. I'm appreciating it while i have it because we all know, wait ten minutes and it will change.


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