Sunday, November 08, 2009

5 good things

So often its easy to bitch and moan and forget the good things. I tell people to list good things from their day. It makes you appreciate the small things more. This weekend was full of good and just reminded me even in the good to take time to appreciate it.
My five things of the weekend:
  1. Awesome weather
  2. Boo helping in garden and at home depot.
  3. Crafting ADD. I've done so much this weekend! Although the weekend is still not long enough I like being able to list what I've done.
  4. The evil genius series. I've been in a book stall for a bit but Catherine Jinks seems to have brought me back. Its nice to be able to read and not fall asleep in 2.5 seconds with or without lunesta.
  5. The breeze. All weekend I have been and keep enjoying the warm nice breeze. We spent a few hours at the dog park with the wind in our hair and it was great. Soon it with be gusty cold wind but right now its making fall so nice.


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