Friday, November 06, 2009


I'm a big fan of my U-Verse. In the free section there is a ton of stand up comedy as well as a bunch of other high brow/low brow comedies. Last night I watched Christian Finnegan, Au Contraire and laughed so hard. Boo will be required to watch it when it comes on again (after you watch you can't watch it again for a few days.)
With topics such as masculinity and lack of it, the french, and video games it pretty much is a sure shot for Boo. Boo is masculine enough, don't get me wrong, but he likes to dress nice and picks out his clothes with care. He also can cook the pants off of most people I know so that just adds to his pro wrestler like personality, oh wait, no. Also PS3 versus Xbox comedy really hits home for us...So if you have U-Verse, I recommend checking him out*.

*He's also not too hard on the eyes if that makes a difference.


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