Friday, November 13, 2009

A new state of stupid

Earlier this week I had a super realistic dream in which I forgot I was flying to Italy on Friday morning and would need to reschedule my Friday afternoon doctor appointment and would miss my friend, Shannon's b-day. Apparently it was so realistic that my mind neglected to realize my dr appt is next week which I discovered once I was at said doctor. Shannon's b-day is still tomorrow. Earlier today I even went to my calendar and wondered why my appointment wasn't on the calendar. I skipped out of work early with a case of the Fridays, hit Target by my home and then travelled back through crazy traffic to hit up the doctor. I certainly felt like I hit a new level of stupidity going to an appointment that is next week and that my mind got messed up on the date because of a dream. Maybe I should blame my overtime this week and the lack of people in my office today, made me want to leave too. So next Friday it will be same deal another week. Plus another week of the psyching up for the "annual" exam.


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