Saturday, November 08, 2008

If you like pina coladas...

Imagine silent streets in a brightly colored mexico. Out of the blue you hear a bull horn playing "Charge" like you are at a football game. That would be our honeymoon. About every few minutes at that. The way they advertise in Ajijic, Mexico. The circus was in town so there were trucks driving around with animals deafening them as they play "charge" and then advertise. Poor animals, I hope the tigers ate someone. Needless to say between that and the roosters next door to the house we were staying at I needed some ear plugs. I was plenty attractive as I slept each night. I didn't sleep very well at all between that and my ambien not working.
The town itself was really beautiful once we got adjusted to our location. We had about a 15 minute walk to the center of town where we ate most days. The roads was so stoney they made Philly roads look smooth (still cobblestone roads in parts of it) It took a little adjusting to walking it but hey, no weight gain with all the eating we were doing.
The food was really great. Our favorite discovery was Argentinian steak. Good lord it was great. I may be disappointed in all other steaks for the rest of my life.
We spent much of our time laying about in the house reading and playing video games and of course, me knitting. It wasn't a hot sandy place like the coasts of mexico so we didn't lay out or anything. I spent a few mornings in the back yard which was maybe a 15 by 15 square with walls to the 2nd floor.

We went hiking once while there. The "mild" hike was no mild. We ended up scaling some 4 foot rocks and walking on the edge of path where we could have dropped to our deaths. On our way back we met Ruben a very drunk man who told us how much he loved bruce lee and did a facial impression of an asian..oy. He was friendly at least and didn't mug us... because we were concerned.

Highlights of the trip include:
1. The hike

2. Having waffles with bananas and real whipped cream most mornings
3. The eyes of the german mut we saw everyday and getting some puppy love from a pure german shephard puppy one day.

4. The cookies we kept eatting, vanilla cookie and chocolate creme. Sorta like an oreo but different makings.
5. Argentinian steak.
6. Sunset on Chapala Lake
7. The colors and designs on architecture in the town as well as all the plant material. We also loved the brick ceilings and the stylize sewer covers.

8. Talking Judiasm with a shop owern (Aijic has a synanagogue that has 100 families in it)
9. Watching the tons of expats throughout Aijic. They even had a obama rally which was...interesting.

10. Spanish coffee.. liquor, coffee, whipped cream.. yum yum yum.
And that's the end of my honeymoon post. I like to end my posts with more of a "eh" ending, i suppose, versus that last funny line.. anotherwords I have no clever ending.


Blogger maitai said...

it looks like it was awesome! sorry you didn't get much sleep though :(

1:42 PM  
Blogger kim4life said...

Oh the pictures are awesome. I am so glad you both had a good time.

5:39 PM  

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